Choir of High Hopes

The Choir of High Hopes Hobart is dedicated to helping people coping with disadvantage in its many forms.  Homelessness, unemployment, drug and alcohol issues, mental and physical disabilities, injustice, social isolation and poverty shape the lives of so many amongst us.

Having a place to meet up each week, to share a healthy meal, make friends and find support, is what the Choir of High Hopes offers to its members.  And when we start to rehearse, our big noisy group of people from all walks of life suddenly becomes a Choir with focus and passion.

Singing together as one powerful voice united by song, uplifts our singers, inspires our audiences and enriches our community.

Choir of High Hopes Hobart is part of the  Scots-Memorial Uniting Church outreach  and has been so since the Choir was formed.

Choir of High Hopes  Hobart meets every Tuesday 1.30pm-3pm (Feb-Dec)

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