Thursday L.I.F.T.

L.I.F.T.  (Learning In Faith Together) is the ‘umbrella’ name for Hobart North’s education and discipleship  life.

Thursday L.I.F.T. meets each Thursday afternoon at 3.30-4.30 p.m. at Hobart North.

The programme is quite wide-ranging, with a general biblical, seasonal or topical focus.

The group joins with other people for Lenten Studies leading up to Easter, and will continue through to just before Christmas, with the occasional break between sessions.

This group would love to grow in number, and anyone is welcome to join the lively and meaningful conversations.  It’s currently called Thursday L.I.F.T., but everything’s negotiable!

For further information, please feel very welcome to contact Rod Peppiatt on 62313109 or 0419883137