Resources: Reflections

A collection of reflections from our community. Some are biblical reflections, others about life and faith, still others about our community and culture.

If you have something that you’d like to contribute please ring Lisa or Angela in the church offices (see contacts page) or send one of them an email with the link, and maybe a sentence or two introduction.

1.  Prayer         from Ian Wilson

Members of a Prayer Team are committed to pray daily our three city congregations.  They meet monthly to review the focus of our pray and to compile a ‘prayer list’ for the month.

It is important that we do pray for our churches if we want them to grow in the ways of Christ.  We need to continually petition God uphold us in his mission, to deepen our faith, to grow us in love and grace, and to conduct our corporate life under God’s direction.  I invite you to join in this prayer.

Prayer is more than just petitioning God to intervene in our lives.  It involves listening for God’s Word.  Let’s discern individually and together where God is leading us and how he is answering the prayers we offer.


2. Words, words, words!               From Rod Peppiatt

Recently I was privileged to be at a function featuring Michael Leunig, who I have long regarded as a bit of an Australian prophet.  As I listened to him,(and talked very briefly with him while he drew a duck in my book!) I was challenged once again about the amount of words we use in the church.  In worship, in learning, in all kinds of ways we are very word-driven, and as one who speaks most of those words in the average worship gathering, I have really begun to wonder what we’re missing.

So…  Some of my contributions to this website will intentionally be images and so forth that I hope will just ‘be’, and speak for themselves.

Starting with one that came from Leunig, when he was talking about how religions tend to approach the mystery of GOD doctrinally, when perhaps a poetic approach might be more creative:


3.  And speaking of images:

Here’s one from Jocelyn Cooper, artist and musician, responding to the promises of God recalled by the prophet Isaiah, entitled “I will not forget you”:

and from Lyn Lewinski, artist and pray-er, responding to the beauty she sees in God’s creation: