What to expect

This is what we do when we meet. We want you to feel comfortable when you visit


 It depends when you visit the building – but on a Sunday…...

the building is open by about 9am an there is parking on the street.

When you walk in somebody will say hello.  They will probably ask your name and have a chat.

As you enter the worship area, feel free to sit where you are comfortable.  There are no reserved spots, so you won’t be sitting in someone else’s seat!

There is a corner which is geared to children, with toys, activities and a mat where little ones can play.

The table in the centre holds various symbolic items. These change from time to time.

An important and, we find, useful practice is to prepare ourselves for what we do together with a short time of silence.

The programme usually starts with a welcome and lighting a symbolic candle which is intended to reminds us that God [the light of the world] is right here with us.

Sunday morning worship almost always involves singing songs & hearing the Bible read.

All the words of the songs and readings will be displayed on the walls – you do not need any books.  Usually the worship leader or preacher will speak on some aspect of life and Christian faith, with reference to the Bible stories or teachings which have been read.

There will be an opportunity/a request to give money to support the work of ministry and mission.  [This pays for staff and materials as well as for giving to those less fortunate than the people here.]  This is the way in which church members support the work of the church, and is entirely voluntary.  Please do not be embarrassed if you are not able to contribute, just pass the plate on to the people beside you.

After the final ‘sending forth’ song there is more opportunity to get to meet others over morning tea. This is held in the Swan Room foyer, immediately outside the worship space.

What about the rest of the week?

This is a movable feast. That is why the newsletter and website can be quite useful.

Each week there are regular events held in the Church buildings. Study groups, Conversation group, Craft group, other community groups including Choirs, Piano lessons, Playgroup and Alcoholics Anonymous. In addition there are less regular meetings and programmes of a variety of community groups.

If you have a particular interest and want to know more, talk to the person next to you who will be happy to tell you who might know. OR, look out for those wearing name tags with ‘Ministry Leader’ on them. OR ring or email the office and leave a message.