Hobart North

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Hobart North UCA was formed in 2006 from New Town Moonah and North Hobart congregations.  It is a vibrant and lively community of faith which seeks to encourage its people in Christian worship and practice.  Members are involved in a wide variety of activities and ministries, both as part of the Sunday gatherings and in living out their faith the rest of the week.

Mission and Identity

uniting community was adopted by the church in late 2012, not only as a ‘mission statement’, but also an ‘identity statement’.  It is how we see our calling as a Christian church. nurturing spirit, sharing hospitality, practising faith are the key elements in how we want to go about our calling.  (The lower case letters are deliberate, and not merely the result of bad grammar!  They remind us that ‘uniting’ is a verb as well as naming us as part of the Uniting Church in Australia: ‘uniting is both who we are and what we want to do.)


The Pastoral Care  Ministry Team at Hobart North have a dedicated email address and would like to encourage people to send all pastoral care requests, updates, feedback, concerns or information to the email address pastoralcare@hobartnorth.ucatas.org  .    This will assist those coordinating pastoral care for the congregation.    Thank You.